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This is the second part to the series of before and after plastic surgery after weightloss.


Narrator: Plastic surgery can produce life-altering results in a matter of hours. But for some, a true transformation can take years. Welcome to the world of Plastic Surgery: Before and After.

Jan Adams: Hi. I'm Dr. Jan Adams, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. I see patients every day who've been insecure about their appearance their entire life. In one operation, everything can change. In this episode, you'll meet a woman who's been 43 years in anguish over her looks. Now, she faces a whole new life. Reconstructive cases on the other hand can take several operations and many years to perfect, but for a surgeon there's no greater reward.

Jan Adams: Traditionally, we think of two fields of plastic surgery: cosmetic and reconstructive. While many people think they're contradictory, they work hand in hand. Often, some of the most important things we learned in cosmetic cases like Shelly Carnies can be used to help us achieve better results with patients like 12-year-old Laura Raines

Narrator: And meet a woman who is in the process of lifting her entire body one surgery at a time.

Speaker 3: I almost feel like I don't have a choice. Like, I started this journey and I have to finish it.

Narrator: 40 year-old Jacqueline Marchan is the vice president of a successful clothing line in Los Angeles, California. She loves her job, and looks stunning in sleek attire. But underneath she's hiding a secret.

Jacqueline: Without clothing, I can see the sagginess and the lack of volume in my breasts, and am very self-conscious about my arms... the loose skin. Sometimes my girlfriends tell me, "I don't notice it," but I do.

Narrator: Jacqueline's sagging breasts and loose skin on her arms are the result of undergoing a dramatic weight loss surgery. Just two and a half years ago, Jacqueline weighed in at 308 pounds.

Jacqueline: The decision to have weight loss surgery is definitely drastic, and it's definitely scary. It's almost an admission of failure.

Narrator: Jacqueline's surgery decreased the size of her small intestine, and helped her shed the unwanted pounds rapidly.

Jacqueline: That first month, I lost 30 to 40 pounds in one month, which is a pound a day.

Narrator: Jacqueline's total weight loss of 178 pounds transformed her from a size 32 to a size eight. But her skin that once covered a frame more than twice the size was stretched, and hanging in excess all over her body.

Jacqueline: What you're left with is not pretty.

Narrator: Jacqueline tried everything, but nothing... not even exercise, could tighten the loose skin. She set out to reshape her body through plastic surgery.

Jacqueline: I guess for me, I felt that if I had gone this far I knew that I have to have some reconstructive surgery to sort of complete the process.

Narrator: A year and a half ago, Jacqueline had a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin around her midsection.

Frederic Corbin: Hello.

Narrator: 11 months later, Dr. Frederic Corbin removed more than eight pounds of skin from her thighs. Today, she consults with Dr. Corbin again to see what can be done to improve the appearance of her breasts and arms.

Frederic Corbin: Jacqueline! It's good to see you again.

Jacqueline: Hey. Good to see you too.

Frederic Corbin: The girls tell me that you're thinking about more procedures.

Jacqueline: Yeah. I'm ready for round two.

Jacqueline: When I was overweight, I was a size... probably like 42DD, or 42D thereabouts. Now, I'm a 34B.

Frederic Corbin: Well, as you can see first of all from your weight gain and weight loss, the breast got bigger, then they got smaller, and then they dropped. If I put my finger under here, this is really where your nipple should be. On your arm, we can go ahead and remove that skin and help tighten your arms up.

Narrator: Dr. Corbin also addresses how he will fix a buckle of skin between her breasts leftover from her stomach surgery.

Jacqueline: Okay, yeah. That would be important. Because it looks weird.

Frederic Corbin: The surgeon who did the procedure ended up with what's called the dog ear. This is something, again, that was of deep concern to Jacqueline because she recognized if she did anything with her breasts, this might interfere with the results of the surgery, and she wanted somebody to hide it.

Narrator: Next, they discussed Jacqueline's options for implants.

Jan Adams: In Jacqueline Marchan's case, her doctor gave her the choice between saline and silicone gel breast implants. It's controversial because the FDA banned the use of silicone in 1992. However, in the case of breast reconstruction, it still remains an option. Patients who do choose silicone must sign a legal waiver and being willing to participate in a long-term study. Regardless, some women are willing to take the risk, arguing that silicone implants are lighter and have a more natural feel.

Narrator: In the end, Jacqueline chooses silicone, 350 cc's of it, the equivalent to a large C cup.

Jacqueline: I know there's still some negative things in the press about silicone implants, but I think it's a more attractive option.

Jacqueline: Vavava boo.

Narrator: On the day of surgery, Jacqueline arrives with her mother.

Mary: I was very surprised that she was ready so quickly after the other surgeries. She's got her plan. As a mom, you don't ever want them to go under. But it's good for her, and I'm happy for her, and I'll be there for her.

Jacqueline: Bye mom!

Mary: Bye, darling.

Frederic Corbin: Right now, we're getting Jacqueline ready for general anesthesia. And then shortly, we'll be able to start the case.

Narrator: Dr. Corbin's technique begins by removing excess skin from around the nipple to both lift and augment the breast. He then dissects through the breast tissue until he reaches the pectoral muscle.

Frederic Corbin: Now we'll grab the implant...

Narrator: The implant is slipped under the pectoral muscle, and Dr. Corbin tailors the skin around the breast like a cone.

Frederic Corbin: Nice part about this technique is to minimize the scarring while obtaining the best shape possible. Looking good. I think we're there.

Narrator: Three and a half hours into the operation, Dr. Corbin completes the breasts. He sits Jacqueline up to inspect the excess skin and her cleavage.

Frederic Corbin: I think you'll see it looks pretty good. What she had sticking out is now going away.

Narrator: Before he moves on to the next procedure, Dr. Corbin visits Jacqueline's mother in the waiting room.

Frederic Corbin: We're taking just a little break in between the arms and the breasts. We've completed the breasts. They look fantastic.

Mary: Is she doing okay?

Frederic Corbin: Oh, she's doing great. And so now-

Mary: It's never easy. You're praying, and you're just trying to keep her in your thoughts. I just pray for her that everything is fine. That's all we can ask for.

Narrator: Jacqueline's arm surgery begins with an 11 inch incision from armpit to elbow.

Jacqueline: If you happened to have some clothing... a jacket or whatever which you particularly like, you take it to the tailor, and ask him to take it in. He'd open up some of the old seams and tighten them. Unfortunately, as people we don't have seams. I have to create seams, so to speak, and tailor the skin.

Narrator: Skin is removed, and the seams are closed.

Frederic Corbin: Okay. All done. Everything went great.

Narrator: After a total of seven hours, Jacqueline's surgery finally comes to an end.

Frederic Corbin: I think she's going to be very happy. Everything went really, really well.

Narrator: Coming up next, with all the excess skin removed, will less mean Jacqueline's ready to show off more?

Narrator: After rapid weight loss transformed Jacqueline Marchan from a size 32 to a size eight. She looked like a different person. But the excess folds of skin left on her body were a constant reminder of her old self. Six weeks after her surgery to remove the skin from her arms and augment her breasts, Jacqueline is on the hunt for a new wardrobe. One that's a better fit for her shapelier figure.

Jacqueline: Hi.

Speaker 7: Can I help you find anything today?

Looking for a dress.

Speaker 7: A dress. Okay.

Jacqueline: Sexy dress.

Speaker 7: Well, let's get started.

Jacqueline: I'm very happy with the results. I feel definitely more confident with how I look. As far as my breasts, I'm very happy. They're even. I feel like it just gives me an overall better silhouette, better proportion to my whole shape.

Jacqueline: It's like Pretty Woman.

Jacqueline: Definitely after this surgery, I feel sexier. I'm really looking to find some great dresses for evening, and for summer, and things like that. I look back at these three years, and all the effort, and all the pain... this feeling kind of wells up inside of you. Like, I made it. I've arrived. I've finally gotten here. I finally finished my goal. I feel like I look better than I have my whole life. I finally achieved that goal, fabulous at 40.