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Inside Edition features the best plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area, which includes Dr. Corbin.


Speaker 1: What percentage of plastic surgery patients are women? It's 85%, and if plastic surgery was convenient would you have it? Well, you're about to meet three women with husbands or fiances who are plastic surgeons. Steve Noble on the combination of love and medicine.

Steve Noble: Their faces are unlined. Their figures flawless. Yes, they were blessed with great natural beauty, but there's something more.

Corinne Corbin: My husband's a consummate professional, and I trust him totally.

Steve Noble: You see, her husband is a plastic surgeon. He's redone her breasts and her nose.

Steve Noble: Her husband is also a plastic surgeon. He enlarged her breasts, and she's engaged to her surgeon. He gives her Botox injections regularly.

Steve Noble: So is this the secret to their exceptional beauty?

Hayley Rey: Sometimes I look in a mirror and I say wow, if I just had this done or this done.

Steve Noble: 28-year-old Hayley Rey could get anything done by her husband, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Robert Rey. They've been married since he was in medical school at Harvard. Later, she worked in his office and began comparing herself to his patients who had had breast augmentation.

Hayley Rey: That's always like, ugh. They look so good. I'd start feeling inadequate just standing in the same room as them.

Steve Noble: And so he agreed to enhance her breasts.

Dr. Robert Rey: She's perfect, but it just makes a little more perfect.

Steve Noble: Corinne Corbin met her future husband, Dr. Frederic Corbin, when she came to him as a patient with a medical problem.

Corinne Corbin: I had my breasts done, and I was unhappy with the result of one of the breasts. It was asymmetrical.

Steve Noble: Dr. Corbin redid her breasts, and later they were married. After she went to work in his office, her husband diplomatically recommended another surgery.

Corinne Corbin: And he said, "I don't want people to think I did your nose", he said, "because it looks very done and aesthetically it's very unattractive."

Steve Noble: Her nose had been done before they met, and she admits she wasn't happy with it. So her husband fixed that, too, making that the second plastic surgery he'd done on her.

Steve Noble: Pamela Cook met her fiance, Dr. Ryan Stanton, in the office elevator. She was used to turning heads, having been a professional model for 20 years. She's 36 and had her breasts done before they met. And Pamela says if she wants more surgery in the future, she knows who to ask.

Pamela Cook: All I have to do is say, "Honey". He's definitely open to whatever makes me happy.

Steve Noble: What makes all these women happy is their easy access to regular nonsurgical beauty maintenance.

Corinne Corbin: Yeah, I've got Botox and collagen in my fridge right now.

Steve Noble: Corinne uses both, and Pamela's fiance gives her Botox injections regularly.

Dr. Ryan Stanton: This is the part where she always calls me Mimi.

Steve Noble: Hayley also enjoys this part. Here her husband is giving her a collagen injection.

Dr. Ryan Stanton: You see how sexy it's turning out?

Steve Noble: So is there a danger of these women becoming addicted because plastic surgery is so easy for them to get? All the doctors said yes, but they weren't going to let that happen.

Dr. Robert Rey: I put the brakes on my wife. She asked me for one more thing, and I said no.

Speaker 1: Well, plastic surgeons say the hottest upcoming product is a collagen-like drug which erases wrinkles for years, not for months.