Three Emotional Benefits of Breast Augmentation

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Are you looking for a larger breast size? Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most requested procedures in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA. This surgery is known to treat small, flat, or asymmetrical breasts that don’t always appear proportionate. Dr. Frederic Corbin is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who produces wonderful outcomes no matter your personal goals.

While there are many physical advantages to breast augmentation, patients can expect many emotional benefits as well. At Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery, we believe in creating natural results that make you look and feel better about your body. Read about the most promising benefits of breast implants below, or request an assessment to get started.

Breast augmentation surgery explained

Women choose to get breast implant surgery for many reasons. Some want a more feminine physique, while others are looking to correct common issues, like asymmetry and sagging breasts. Dr. Corbin is experienced in helping patients achieve real balance. Our office is proud to help patients with a wide range of concerns.

During your consultation in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA, we can listen to your goals and explain how the process works. Breast augmentation increases your overall breast size through medical-grade saline or silicone implants. We will also make sure you understand the elements of successful plastic surgery, including having realistic expectations about your results.

1. Improve self-confidence

Many studies have explained the positive effects of breast augmentation on a woman’s self-confidence. Embarrassment can limit your participation in social activities and prevent you from living a full life. For example, women with flat or small breasts may feel uncomfortable in their favorite outfits. Perhaps they go out less often and even avoid special events. Implants are designed to augment your breast size so you can show off your body in dresses and bathing suits.

2. Increase satisfaction with sex life

Most women experience deflated breasts due to a recent pregnancy. Dissatisfaction with your appearance may prevent you from engaging in personal relationships. If you want to feel more confident in your sex life, breast implants may help. Some people find that they improve intimacy with their long-term partners. However, keep in mind that you should only undergo plastic surgery if you want to feel more attractive. This decision must not be made if you are only looking to make your partner happy.

3. Increase youthfulness

It is not uncommon for older women to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This is because natural aging can cause your breast tissue and nipples to sag downward. When you notice these unwanted changes, it can make you feel like you’ve lost your youthful curves. Breast augmentation, sometimes combined with breast lift surgery, can restore the firmness in your breasts. We accomplish this through implants after raising the sagging tissue. Your breasts will seem perkier almost immediately afterward!

Learn about the benefits of breast implants

We understand breast augmentation is a personal decision and should not be taken lightly. Any patient considering breast surgery needs a professional with the right training and experience. Dr. Frederic Corbin accomplishes your goals using the most advanced tools and techniques in the industry. If you are ready to begin the process in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA, request a consultation with Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery. We can help you reap the many benefits of plastic surgery today.

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