Breast Lift Vs. Breast Implant

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years experience in the field, I frequently see patients who have been told that if they put in a larger implant it will do away with the need for a lift. Some took that advice and are now unhappy that they have bigger, droopier breasts. In a word, implants do not lift anything. If you would benefit from a lift, you would benefit from a lift with or without out implants. Implants make the breasts larger, while a lift, or Mastopexy, repositions the skin and nipple areola complex. The type of lift you would benefit from is determined by the amount of excess skin present and how low the nipple areola complex is relative to the natural bottom of the breast or inframammary crease. If the nipple is below the natural bottom of the breast, you would benefit from a lift. The type of lift then becomes a function of how far below the bottom of the breast your nipple is and the skill of your surgeon. Those people who suggest a larger implant to avoid a Mastopexy or lift frequently do so because they lack the skill to get a good result. In short it is a buyer beware market. To learn more about each procedure and to see if you might be a candidate for a breast lift fill out the form in the top right corner, or one of our two practice locations. Call our Beverly Hills practice, serving all of Los Angeles, at (310)284-8384, or or Brea office, serving all of Orange County, at (714)671-3033.

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