Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Over a year ago, Angelina Jolie’s name was on everyone’s lips. It wasn’t because she was in a new movie. It wasn’t because she looked stunning on the latest red carpet. It’s because she made the brave decision to get her breasts removed after discovering she had BRCA positive genes – and she was making her battle public. For individuals with a family history of breast cancer, possessing BRCA positive genes can be a terrifying experience. Although researchers still don’t fully understand how it happens, the presence of BRCA positive genes skyrockets a person’s odds of developing breast and ovarian cancers. In Jolie’s case, her odds were stacked against her at 85%; therefore, opting to undergo a double mastectomy – a procedure where both of the breasts are removed – practically eliminated her chances of developing these fatal cancers. Many individuals are now opting to remove the possibility of breast cancer from their lives by testing for BRCA positive genes, as well as taking proactive steps if these genes are found. For patients looking for mastectomy solutions – as well as potential breast reconstruction options – Dr. Frederic H. Corbin can provide decades of experience and knowledge. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with practices located in Beverly Hills and Brea (also serving the greater Orange County areas), Dr. Corbin can help patients explore their mastectomy options, as well as perform breast reconstruction on those who have already opted for the procedure. Here are some of the breast reconstruction options you can explore with Dr. Corbin:

  • Mastectomy or Double Mastectomy: For patients wishing to remove their breasts or nipples, Dr. Corbin can provide superior mastectomy procedures. What’s more, Dr. Corbin can perform breast reconstruction surgery immediately following the procedure.


  • Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: Dr. Corbin can perform a range of breast reconstruction surgeries. Patients can opt for breast implants or to use their own natural tissue (like tissue from a procedure such as a tummy tuck). Dr. Corbin can also perform nipple reconstruction.

For more information about your breast reconstruction options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Frederic Corbin today at one of his two locations in Beverly Hills, CA or in Brea (also serving Orange County). To learn more just fill out the form in the top right corner or call (310)284-8384 for our Beverly Hills office or (714)671-3033 for our Brea office.

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