Define Your Calf Muscles With Implants

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Define Your Calf Muscles With Implants

Targeted leg exercises can help you develop stronger muscles in your lower leg, but while you may gain strength, your legs may not develop the contours that you desire. Strongly defined calf muscles are sought after by both men and women, but it can be challenging to achieve this on your own. Exercise is a great way to tone your legs, but for strong, sculpted contours, calf implants can enhance the appearance of the lower leg even more. Dr. Corbin’s skill and expertise with this procedure mean that you can be excited to show off your legs again!

Why Should I Consider Calf Implants?

The idea of calf implants might not have crossed your mind on your journey to improve your legs, but they can address some of the concerns that you may have. For many people, muscle tone that is not defined or sculpted is a common reason to turn to calf implants. The improvement of the leg contours will not only enhance the appearance of the legs, but it can also improve the proportions of the whole body. Lastly, for those who have congenital or physical defects, calf implants can balance the appearance of the legs and provide a more natural shape.

What Can I Expect With Calf Implant Surgery?

The calf implant procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery under anesthesia. Various options for anesthesia will be discussed with you during your consultation. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Corbin will educate you on the most appropriate placement for the implant (on the inside or outside of your leg) to meet your desired treatment goals. During the procedure, he will make an incision on the back of your knees. This helps to make the scar less visible in case it does not fade completely over time. Just below the knee, Dr. Corbin will open a pocket where he can place the implant. He uses high-quality silicone implants designed to give you a perfectly sculpted lower leg. The implants are inserted into this pocket and set it in a natural-looking position. Once he is sure the implant is placed correctly, the incision will be closed with sutures. Your leg may be bruised and swollen after the procedure, but this is typical and will subside gradually over the first few weeks. It’s important to rest, but you will also need to take walks in order to improve blood flow and aid in the healing process. Dr. Corbin will review the appropriate activity levels for you to follow. As your legs heal and become accustomed to the implants, you will find it easier to walk longer distances. Strenuous activities should be avoided until Dr. Corbin clears you. For more information about how calf implants can improve the appearance of your lower legs, contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Corbin. You can reach our Beverly Hills office at 310-284-8384 or our Brea office at 714-671-3033.

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