Don’t Let Gynecomastia Ruin Your Life: Surgical Procedures for Men

If you’re suffering from gynecomastia – a condition in which men suffer from enlargement of the breast tissue – it might feel like your whole life is devoted to hiding the symptoms of your condition. Your wardrobe choices are influenced by how well you can hide your breasts. Beach vacations are no longer an option, as you’re scared to take off your shirt. Even your relationships are affected by your gynecomastia, as you’re too self-conscious and embarrassed to remove your shirt. Gynecomastia is painful and embarrassing – and it can take over your life. Don’t let your lifestyle be inhibited by this condition; instead, visit Dr. Corbin at either of his locations in Brea and Beverly Hills. As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and an expert in surgical procedures for gynecomastia, Dr. Corbin is proud his patients with the procedures they need to feel confident and self-assured again.

Discreet Yet Superior Results

Dr. Corbin’s gynecomastia procedures are discreet and successful. To remove the enlarged breast tissues (sometimes referred to as "man boobs"), Dr. Corbin can use liposuction procedures or combine liposuction with excision. During both procedures, Dr. Corbin utilizes expertly-placed incisions to remove the breast fat; this reduces the number of scars from the procedure, which means that you can enjoy your restored confidence without worrying about surgical scars. Before undergoing a procedure, you’ll meet with Dr. Corbin at either his Brea or Beverly Hills location. During the initial consultation, you’ll discuss your gynecomastia, as well as your desired results from the surgical procedure. Based on the underlying roots of your gynecomastia (be it actual breast tissue or excess fat), Dr. Corbin will map out a customized surgical solution that achieves your desired results with minimal incisions. Patients should ensure that they have scheduled adequate recovery time from this procedure. Patients may encounter some discomfort after the procedure; additionally, patients should refrain from exercising or lifting heavy objects based on Dr. Corbin’s recommendations.

Eliminate Gynecomastia Once and For All

Don’t let gynecomastia prevent you from living the life you want. If you’re ready to restore your self-confidence, visit Dr. Corbin at one of his Orange County or Los Angeles locations, located in Brea and Beverly Hills, respectively. If you have a question about the male breast reduction procedure or would like to schedule a consultation just fill out the form to your right, or call (310)284-8384 for the Beverly Hills office or (714)671-3033 for the Brea office.

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