Enhance Your Chest’s Appearance With Pectoral Implants

For many men, a lack of muscle definition in the pectoral area can give rise to self-esteem issues. Despite all efforts at eating well and working out with weights, some men may find it difficult to increase muscle mass within the chest area due to congenital reasons or other physical issues. This may make some men feel as though they can’t make any changes to their bodies, or that they’re physically weaker than other men who are able to build up their pectoral muscles. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence when they wear form-fitting shirts or have to remove their clothing. Fortunately, pectoral implants can provide male patients with the chest enhancement they desire. Dr. Frederic H. Corbin, a distinguished plastic surgeon operating in the Beverly Hills and Brea, CA areas, has been providing male patients with pectoral implants for over 25 years. This allows his patients to enjoy the look and feel of enhanced chest muscles that might not have been previously achieved by diet and a vigorous workout regimen.

Pectoral implants (also referred to as pectoral augmentation) is a procedure that’s designed to specifically enhance the look and feel of the upper chest area. The implants are made of silicone, which provides firmness and considerable shape. Pectoral implants are different shapes and sizes, which means Dr. Corbin will advise you which implant size is best for your body type and desired results. Remember, the biggest implants aren’t always best; Dr. Corbin prides himself on helping patients achieve noticeable yet natural results. After all, the goal isn’t to have others notice your pectoral implants; it’s to enhance your overall appearance. During the procedure, Dr. Corbin will make incisions in the armpit areas (this helps hide surgical scars). The implants are placed under the pectoral muscles, with the help of an endoscope. This provides the chest area with a more well-defined and full appearance. If you’re interested in undergoing a pectoral augmentation or would like to know more about this cosmetic procedure, be sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Corbin at either of his locations in Brea (serving Orange County) and Beverly Hills (serving all of LA). Just fill out the form in the top right corner. For a quicker response call (714) 671-3033 for our Brea office and (310) 284-8384 for our Beverly Hills office.

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