Four Types of Facelift Procedures for a Younger-Looking You

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Facelift surgery is one of the most requested treatments in the U.S. This is especially true among middle-aged adults who want to reverse volume loss and other signs of aging. When your skin loses natural elasticity over time, a facelift can make you appear younger and more refreshed. However, this surgery in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 


Many people don’t realize that there are several kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures offered at Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery. A full facelift, mid-facelift, lower facelift, and mini facelift are all designed to treat different issues based on your needs and features. Learn from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin which facelift technique is right for you by meeting with one of our cosmetic specialists today. 

The basics of a facelift 

Before understanding the different types of facelifts, patients should be familiar with what goes into all facial rejuvenation surgeries. Generally speaking, a facelift removes loose or sagging skin and repositions the underlying tissue to create a naturally youthful look. Incisions are usually hidden near the hairline or near the ears to minimize scarring. 

With today’s modern technology and surgical techniques, Dr. Corbin can provide a small touch-up on problem spots or offer a more comprehensive approach. During your facelift consultation, we can discuss each of the following options and which one can best represent your goals. 

Full facelift 

A full facelift, or traditional facelift, is often chosen by people with advanced signs of aging because it revamps your whole appearance and provides more extensive results. Incisions are made near the hairline and extend down to the temples, reaching the base of the ears. This allows Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery to reach the deeper facial tissues and muscles and create a more lifted outcome overall. 


A mid-facelift is exactly how it sounds. Men and women with problems in the mid-face can enjoy better facial contours after getting this procedure. During a mid-facelift, Dr. Corbin addresses a hollow appearance, sagging skin in the cheeks, and aging in the upper jaw. Some patients can even see improvements in the lower two-thirds of their face, including in the jowls. 

Lower facelift 

Some people are concerned about sagging skin at the jawline and corners of the mouth, as well as loose neck skin. In this case, a lower facelift in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA could be the answer. A lower facelift can create a strong and youthful jawline without performing surgery on other areas of the face. Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery can also perform injectable fillers under the chin to attain a tighter-looking neck. 

Mini facelift 

A mini facelift is a modified version of a full, traditional facelift. This procedure involves less invasive techniques for men and women with moderate signs of aging. Small incisions are placed near the ears, which helps the mid to lower face. Our method requires fewer adjustments and less time spent in recovery. This creates subtle facial improvements that look and feel natural. 

Schedule your facial rejuvenation procedure 

Knowing the right facelift type for your needs is important, but so is your choice of plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA. Dr. Frederic Corbin has the experience and knowledge necessary to perform a procedure that fits your individual needs. We welcome you to schedule a facelift consultation with the professionals at Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery to learn more about our processes.

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