How to Treat Breast Implant Rippling

Think back to when you first went under your breast augmentation procedure. Chances are you were looking forward to showing off your enhanced shape – not worried about potential rippling issues. Unfortunately, many women who have breast implants – particularly saline implants – experience the problem of breast implant rippling, which may include the following:

  • Rippled or wrinkled skin around the cleavage; and
  • Rippled or wrinkled skin on the sides of the breasts

Most women have breast implant rippling when they lean over, as gravity pulls the implant down and creates the rippled look (when there’s poor tissue coverage over the implant). Breast implant rippling can be obvious in thin women, as there’s not enough breast tissue between the implant and the surface to hide the contour of the implant. In this case, surgical procedures can be used to help decrease or eliminate rippling. They include:

  1. Replacement of saline implants
  2. Placement of fat grafts between implant and surface
  3. The use of a cellular dermal matrix
  4. Moving sub-mammory implants to the sub-muscular position

Whether you’re about to undergo a breast augmentation procedure or are experiencing signs of rippling, here’s what you need to know about treating breast implant rippling:

  • Gummy bear implants can help minimize any breast implant rippling. This type of silicone implant got its name become the implant is soft yet retains its shape, much like the candy. The gummy bear implant can be placed in front of or behind the muscle, and because they’re firmer and more stable, they’re less likely to ripple.

Your breast implants could be swapped out for gummy bear implants if rippling is a major concern. If you haven’t yet undergone a breast augmentation, you may want to opt for this type of implant.

  • For some patients already experiencing rippling, a filler with fat or protein matrix can be used to minimize the appearance of rippling. If the implants are sub-mammory they can be moved to the sub-muscular position. All of these can be combined solutions can be combined with the replacement of the patient’s implants with firmer implants.

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