RFAL™ by InMode FaceTite™ or a Facelift?

In recent years, more and more potential patients are turning towards non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures instead of surgery. And with continual improvements in non-surgical technology, there are now many options that can successfully tighten skin. One of these options is the RFAL™ by InMode FaceTite™. This is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens skin on the lower face and neck without many of the potential complications that accompany facelift surgery. But while there are significant benefits to FaceTite™, can it replace the need for a facelift?

How Does RFAL™ by InMode FaceTite™ Work?

FaceTite™ uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to treat both the external and internal layers of the skin and tissues on the lower face, neck, and jowls. During this procedure, a tiny, inconspicuous incision is made near the treatment area and the FaceTite™ probe is inserted beneath the skin. This probe heats the deeper tissues with RF energy while the external handpiece heats the top layer of the skin. This simultaneous heating allows the skin to contract and muscles to tighten while stimulating collagen production. Once this one-time treatment is completed, you will witness a noticeable improvement in skin tightness and smoothness.

What Are the Benefits of FaceTite™ Over Surgery?

The goal behind both FaceTite™ and facelift surgery is to smooth skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. FaceTite™ uses minimally invasive means while a facelift requires full-on surgery. While an incision is made during the FaceTite™ procedure, it is small, does not need a suture, and does not result in post-operative scarring. Facelift surgery requires more extensive incisions that result in stitches, more significant downtime, and post-operative scarring. Unlike facelift surgery, FaceTite™ does not surgically remove skin; instead, it relies on RF technology and your body’s collagen to shrink and contract lax skin. Because of this, FaceTite™ requires far less downtime and patients can return to their regular schedules far sooner.

How Do the Results Compare?

FaceTite™ is a safe and effective way to tighten skin on the lower face, neck, and jowls, but only for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity. Facelift surgery reverses moderate to severe signs of facial aging along the midface, lower face, and neck. This is the most significant difference between these two procedures. Even with the benefits of FaceTite™, it cannot provide the same level of correction as surgery can. FaceTite™ tightens and contracts the skin and tissues whereas facelift surgery removes excess skin and repositions underlying tissues that may have shifted throughout the aging process. The RFAL™ by InMode FaceTite™ is a beneficial way to treat facial skin laxity, but it cannot replace facelift surgery. To find out more about FaceTite™ or facelift surgery, contact Dr. Corbin to set up a consultation by calling his Beverly Hills office at (310) 284-8384, his Brea office at (714) 671-3033, or by filling out our online contact form.

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