Should I Get a Lower, Full, or Mini Facelift?

Over the course of a mere decade, facelifts have evolved into different procedures that can offer patients individualized and natural-looking results. In addition to the traditional full facelift, patients can now undergo a full facelift, as well as a mini facelift (also known as a Weekend Facelift, Quick Lift, or Lifestyle Lift). All facelifts can provide modest to significant improvements for patients who want to minimize common signs of aging, including a sagging jawline, wrinkles, and loose, sallow skin. Frederic Corbin, MD, is pleased to offer his patients a range of facelift options at his plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills and Brea (Orange County). As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Corbin has the experience and knowledge to help patients achieve a youthful, natural-looking appearance via various facelift procedures. To help readers determine which facelift is right for them, take a look at the difference between the three:

  • Lower Facelift: A lower facelift varies from surgeon to surgeon; however, Dr. Corbin considers a Lower Facelift to be a procedure that helps to tighten the muscles around the jawline and neck, thus minimizing the look of wrinkles and fine lines. A Lower Facelift can create a better sense of facial harmony and balance, which is ideal for patients who may already be satisfied with their eye and forehead areas.

  • Full Facelift: A Full Facelift is identical to a traditional facelift, in which Dr. Corbin makes incisions behind the ear to access facial muscles. Dr. Corbin then pulls the muscles taut, creating a tighter and firmer appearance that’s the hallmark of youth. Excess skin is trimmed and removed to help enhance the results of the facelift.

  • Mini Facelift: A Mini Facelift can provide modest improvement in facial aging changes by providing some tightening in the cheeks, jawline, and in the neck areas. The incisions made for this facial procedure are shorter, which means a Mini Facelift costs less. The results are more modest, which makes this an ideal choice for patients with early aging changes.

What’s more important than choosing which procedure you’d like is choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, as he or she can help you achieve your desired results. During your consultation with Dr. Corbin, he’ll provide a thorough examination, take a full medical history, and discuss the pros and cons of each operative procedure, along with digital imaging to see potential results. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Corbin at one of his two locations in Beverly Hills and Brea (Orange County). To learn more just fill out the form in the top right corner. For a quicker response call our Brea practice, serving all of Orange County, at (714) 671-3033, or our Beverly Hills office, serving all of Los Angeles, at (310) 284-8384.

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