What Areas of the Body are Best for Liposuction?

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Liposuction is a popular way to reduce pockets of stubborn fat when regular diet and exercise have not been successful. This body contouring treatment is known to improve your overall body shape, making you appear more trim and toned. So, which body parts are most effective for this fat reduction procedure? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin and the expert staff at Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery can review these areas when you come to our clinic for a consultation.

Generally, the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks are the best places to get liposuction. However, this depends on your individual problem areas and cosmetic goals. Learn how our clinic in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA can create a slimmer profile by reading below or giving us a call today.

About liposuction candidacy

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that requires small incisions. Dr. Corbin inserts a small, hollow tube called a cannula to loosen fat before it is suctioned away. These days, a fat reduction procedure can be performed on many different areas of the body. However, it is important to be cleared for liposuction by a board-certified professional. They can learn about your medical background and make sure this treatment is safe and effective for your needs. The best liposuction candidates are:

  • Not considered obese or overweight

  • Have firm, elastic skin

  • Are in good overall health

  • At or near their weight loss goals

  • Have small fat pockets that do not respond to diet and exercise

Liposuction treatment areas

As we mentioned, there are many places where we could administer liposuction body contouring treatment. Here are just a few of the most requested areas in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA:

  • Abdomen: It is normal for recently pregnant women to request liposuction in the abdomen. Our treatment can result in a tighter-looking stomach you want to show off. However, if there is too much loose skin on your belly, it may be better to opt for tummy tuck surgery instead.

  • Hips: The hips are one of the most difficult places to remove fat on your own. Fat in these areas is usually not responsive to diet and exercise, even if you spend all your time in the gym. Patients can achieve a more well-defined appearance without effort by getting fat reduction surgery.

  • Thighs: Liposuction could prevent your inner thighs from touching each other when standing up straight. Some people only need to treat the upper inner thigh, while others would like the outer thighs addressed as well. Liposuction in the thighs can also complement other areas, like the buttocks.

  • Buttocks: Speaking of the buttocks, patients can also treat their bottom half to achieve a more balanced shape. Liposuction in the buttocks is sometimes performed in conjunction with other areas for smooth and natural-looking results.

Personalized body contouring treatment

Want to enhance your body shape? Liposuction removes fatty areas so you can have a slimmer and more sculpted profile. If you want to discover the advantages of liposuction in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA, meet with Dr. Frederic Corbin and the expert team at Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery. We are proud to deliver the best liposuction results you could hope for, no matter which areas we perform this advanced treatment.

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