What is the Best Age to Consider Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most sought-after procedures for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their noses. This may be due to the appearance of current Hollywood celebrities and increasing pressure from social media. Many people want to know whether they are too young or old for a nose job. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages reach their cosmetic goals through this innovative surgery in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA. To find out if you qualify for surgery, read below or contact Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

How does rhinoplasty surgery work?

Rhinoplasty surgery alters the shape and size of your nose. Most procedures are performed using an open or closed fashion technique, which refers to where the incisions should be placed. An open rhinoplasty requires incisions outside of the nose, while a closed rhinoplasty places the incisions inside the nose. These methods allow us to accomplish goals like reshaping the nostrils or nasal tip, reducing the bridge, or improving overall symmetry.

What is the right age for rhinoplasty surgery?

It is common for teenagers to undergo rhinoplasty to correct a cosmetic issue. While young people aged 15 – 17 can have this procedure, it is necessary to wait until your nose has fully developed first. Because men and women develop at different rates, Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery recommends attending an examination before making a decision. We may suggest waiting until you are 18 years old to ensure the best results.

Patients should also consider the timing of their rhinoplasty as well as their age. For example, it may be challenging for a young person in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA to get a nose job while also dealing with school, part-time work, sports, and other extracurricular activities. You may want to get the procedure done in the summer or during a school break. This allows you plenty of time to rest and recover with fewer interruptions.

What about older rhinoplasty patients?

If you think rhinoplasty is only for younger people, it’s never too late for a nose job. Dr. Corbin primarily believes it is important to be in good overall health before undergoing any procedure. Nose reshaping can be performed on older adults who want to address common signs of aging, like a drooping or bulbous tip. Patients can also get rhinoplasty to address new issues caused by recent physical trauma.

Rhinoplasty is not just for cosmetic problems. Patients who have trouble breathing, snore when sleeping, or experience frequent nosebleeds, congestion, or post-nasal drip may have a concern called a deviated septum. Our clinic can examine the inner structures of your nose and see if you could benefit from surgery. Dr. Corbin can straighten the septum and provide better support for your breathing.

Learn the best age for rhinoplasty surgery

As you can see, a rhinoplasty can correct various cosmetic and functional problems. If you are unsure whether you qualify for a nose job, contact Dr. Frederic Corbin in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA. We can make recommendations for men, women, and adolescents who are interested in getting treatment. Learn more about the rhinoplasty process when meeting with the team from Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery. We can see whether you are the right age for rhinoplasty surgery.

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