What You Need to Know About Calf Augmentation

If you’re self-conscious about the size of your calf muscles, you might think that the only options available to you are to keep exercising in the hopes of increasing muscle mass, or giving up on the dream of larger legs. However, there’s a third option available to people who are suffering from low self-confidence because of the smaller size of their calf muscles – and that’s calf augmentation.

A calf augmentation is a surgical procedure that’s used to enhance the overall size of the calves by using calf implants. This is an ideal choice for men and women who find it difficult to increase the size of their calves to achieve shapely legs. Calf augmentations utilize silicone implants, which are shaped to resemble a calf muscle. The implants are inserted to increase volume, thus giving the legs a more toned and, in some cases, bulky appearance. Calf augmentation may also be an ideal choice for patients who, for genetic reasons, are unable to increase the size of their calf muscles. For example, individuals who suffer from clubfoot may find that a calf augmentation can address any congenital issues or physical defects. If you’re interested in calf augmentation procedures, here’s what you need to know:

  • Calf implants come in various shapes and sizes, which means that it can help to have a firm idea of the size you’d like to be. Your plastic surgeon will help you make the ideal selection during the initial consultation.

  • Corrections can be made to both the inner and outer calves; this will help your plastic surgeon determine where the incisions should be made.

  • Patients should note that although calf augmentations are relatively straightforward procedures, they do come with the risk for developing posterior compartment syndrome. This syndrome can occur when it’s difficult for blood to reach a certain part of the body. If you follow your doctor’s advice in regards to implant size and follow up care then this risk can be significantly minimized.

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