What's the Difference Between a Full and Mid-Facelift?

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As men and women get older, they notice that their skin and facial muscles don't seem as strong or elastic. This is a natural part of aging, but it can be difficult for some people. Unfortunately, over-the-counter treatments or even injections may not be enough to fight some problem areas.

A facelift removes sagging skin and tightens the underlying muscles for cosmetic enhancement. It can address problem areas around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline, depending on which technique you choose. Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery provides both full facelifts and mid-facelifts to achieve your desired goals.

So, should you go for a full facelift or a mid-facelift? There are many factors that should be considered when deciding on the best treatment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin outlines some of the most important things to know about before making a final decision. Get a facelift in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA today.

What is a full facelift?

A full facelift is considered the gold standard of cosmetic procedures because it can treat many signs of aging at the same time. This includes sagging and loose skin in the upper, mid, and lower face, as well as the neck. A full facelift requires incisions that begin near the hairline and extend down to the area near the temples. The upper, middle, and lower facial tissues and muscles are then carefully tightened to create a lifted outcome.

A full facelift is best for advanced aging in the whole face and neck. Some examples of issues we treat include:

  • Sagging skin on the upper face

  • Drooping eyebrows

  • Bags under the eyes

When do I need a mid-facelift?

A mid-facelift is a little less invasive than a full facelift and focuses on specific issues rather than your entire face and neck. This procedure is usually performed on the mid to lower half of your face, creating a fuller and more restored appearance to the cheeks and upper jaw areas. Mid-facelifts also work nicely for men and women who want improvements in the jowls and lower two-thirds of their faces. Treatment can be personalized based on your needs and desired outcome.

A mid-facelift is most often used to address signs of aging, like:

  • Sagging skin on the mid-to-lower face

  • Hollow or sagging cheeks

  • Loose skin on the jowls and neck

How do I choose the right facelift surgery?

Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery offers full facelift surgery, mid-facelifts, lower facelifts, and mini facelifts in Beverly Hills and Brea, CA. Each facelift surgery has its specific advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to consider all the possibilities before making a decision. As we mentioned, the treatments we perform are all designed according to our patient's unique needs and goals. We'll work closely with you during the process to make sure that you feel confident and satisfied with your results.

Treat advanced signs of aging with a facelift

There's a lot to think about when it comes to facelift surgery, but you can rest assured that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin and our team will support you every step of the way. After all, we're here for your long-term satisfaction – not just with your facelift results but also with your experience as a patient. Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery is proud to provide flexible services and the latest surgical techniques in the industry. Call us to get a facelift in Beverly Hills or Brea, CA, or to learn whether a full or mid-facelift is best for your needs.

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