Will I Still Look Like Myself After Facial Surgery?


Some women considering facial enhancement surgery may desire a whole new look. Others are afraid that surgery will change their face too much. Facial plastic surgery is designed to define your facial features and highlight your natural beauty. The extent of your facial alteration will depend on the procedure or combination of procedures that you choose to undergo.

How Much Will My Face Change After Plastic Surgery?

Facial enhancement surgery is separated into two sections: anti-aging and facial augmentation.

What Are Anti-Aging Facial Procedures?

Anti-aging procedures, such as facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, and the forehead lift, target signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. These surgical techniques tighten and manipulate the facial tissues, but they do not alter the bone structure or add significant volume or shape to the face. Anti-aging procedures restore a more youthful facial contour—much like you had in your younger years, but it will not radically change the shape of your face. Depending on the surgery you choose, these procedures:

  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Reposition facial fat and muscles
  • Eliminate jowls
  • Lessen under-eye bags
  • Smooth forehead creases
  • Reduce or erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

What Are Facial Augmentation Procedures?

Facial augmentation procedures, such as rhinoplasty, chin implants, or cheek implants, do affect your underlying structure and may alter the shape of your face that you are used to seeing when you look in the mirror. Rhinoplasty—or cosmetic nose surgery—corrects nasal irregularities such as humps, wide bridges, upturned or drooping nasal tips, and flared nostrils. Your nose is the central feature on your face, and the way it interacts with your surrounding facial features significantly impacts your overall facial appearance. Adjusting the nose—even by the slightest margin—can impact your physical appearance. Narrowing the nose may narrow your entire face just as removing a nasal hump may create a more defined profile. Correcting an aesthetic nasal concern allows your surrounding features, such as your eyes or cheekbones, to take center stage. Facial implants, like those placed in the cheek or the chin, can also alter and define your facial contour. These silicone implants enhance volume and shape. Cheek implants give off the appearance of higher, more defined cheekbones. A chin implant increases the projection of the chin so that it balances with your surrounding facial features. Even though these augmentation procedures make subtle alterations to the facial structure, the appearance of those changes can be significant.

Why Should I Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Board-certified plastic surgeons have the training, experience, and skills to give you the safest procedure possible with the most desirable-looking results. Dr. Frederic Corbin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience in facial surgery.

Do You Want to Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery?

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