Orange County, CA | Breast Augmentation Surgery Testimonial | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

A patient talks about her recent procedure done by Dr. Corbin, this procedure involved breast augmentation.


Tiffany: Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am 40 years old. I can remember ever since, boy, I was in high school must have been 15, 16, I've always felt self conscious about the size of my breasts, and I always wanted larger breasts. I kept thinking, "Well, maybe one day, maybe I'm just a late bloomer and I'll develop them."

Tiffany: Well, I never did and I ended up with a small size B and I can just recall over the years, I would always feel very self conscious about my small breasts and I always wanted implants and it was something that my family didn't approve of, so I just kind of kept it in the back of my mind. When it came time for me to go ahead and look into finding a physician to get the implants in, I recall going to three, actually, three plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. I interviewed my first one and then I interviewed Dr. Corbin, and then the third one I interviewed, even though I had seen Dr. Corbin and I was like 99.9% sure I was going to go with him, I thought, "Well, let me just go to another one and have three different opinions."

Tiffany: When it came time to making that decision after the third opinion, without a shadow of a doubt, I knew Dr. Corbin was the physician for me. All the way down from his staff being extremely helpful, courteous, patient with size selection, just making you feel really at home and not nervous and made you feel just at ease. Even the day walking in on the operating table, I was nervous and they just took their time with me and they helped me pick the right size implant for me. I tell you, it was the best experience I've ever been through.

Tiffany: It's been a year now and I've not had one problem. Honestly, not one problem in the past year. My breasts are soft and I get so many compliments from them. People even ask, "Are those your own?" Because of the way he does them and the type of implants he uses. I showed him that I didn't want that fake look that two round cantaloupe sitting on the top of your chest and he doesn't do that kind of work. I mean, Dr. Corbin is extremely experienced, extremely the top in his field. When it comes to your body, I believe in not skimping and go to the best because it is your body, you only have one of them, and just to say, thank you, Dr. Corbin, you are the best.