Orange County, CA | Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Surgery | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

A recent patient talks about her personal experience getting a breast lift and tummy tuck from Dr. Corbin.


Speaker 1: I found Dr. Corbin through different friends who had breast augmentations through Dr. Corbin and they were gorgeous. And I did a lot of investigating on my own and asking different women. And it was pretty funny because I was at the river and there was this gorgeous woman and it was right before my consultation for Dr. Corbin and she said, "Oh, I got my breasts done with Dr. Corbin".

Speaker 1: Pretty much every woman that I noticed that had a beautiful, beautiful breast job was done through Dr. Corbin. I chose him and I felt confident after doing some research and I had a lift and my lift is perfect. My breasts are gorgeous. My husband is beyond thrilled and I love his work. I also had a tummy tuck and he just does the best work ever. And you can completely trust him.

Speaker 1: And it's changed a lot of things. It's much, much more fun to go shopping now, and I fill things out better, and I'm just happy. Hopefully you'll make a really wise choice and choose Dr. Corbin because he is a fantastic surgeon. My breasts are perfectly symmetrical and I even had a lift and they can really botch the lifts and he did a really good job. It's perfect actually. And they're perfectly tear dropped and gorgeous. And I have silicone, I have 550 CCs of silicone and I love it. Hopefully you'll choose him.