Orange County, CA | Breast Redo Patient Recap | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

A recent breast redo patient touches on her urge to have only Dr. Corbin use his practice on her for her surgery because of his expertise.


Tweeg: My name is Tweeg. I had my breast augmentation done with Dr. Corbin on April, 2010. I'm very happy with my results and everyone here in the staff was very friendly and very helpful with everything. They answered any questions that I had, everyone was very friendly. This is my second breast augmentation. I had my first one done when I was 18. I'm 26 now. So it's about eight years ago. I went to a different surgeon and I knew about Dr. Corbin back then when I was 18, about eight years ago, but I actually didn't choose him the first time because of the price difference. And the price difference then was only a couple of thousand dollars. I only had five to spend at the time. That's all I wanted to spend when I was 18. And in hindsight, I should have just saved that extra couple of thousand and had everything perfect the first time around.

Tweeg: The first breast augmentation I had, it was a little too tall, a little high profile. It didn't look real. Like everybody who saw me was like, "Well, yeah, your boobs look really great," but they could tell that it wasn't mine. So it was actually eight years of the coulda, should have, woulda, saved the extra couple of thousand and had it done just perfectly.

Tweeg: So when I made the decision to have it done again, I knew automatically that I wanted to see Dr. Corbin and have it done right. So I had my consultation. I had my second breast augmentation and honestly, I couldn't be happier. I mean, now people look at me and they think, well, they're not sure if it's real or fake. And it looks absolutely real on me. I've had plenty of compliments and affirmations on just the feel and the way it looks. And I'm really happy with my results. I think they look great. And I really wish I would have gone to him the first time around then maybe there wouldn't have been a second time around. So, you know, I actually ended up paying twice for something that could have been done once.

Tweeg: So now I recommend all my friends to come to Dr. Corbin, if they're interested in getting a breast augmentation, because truly he is the best. I mean, I knew then, and I knew now, and I tell everyone to come and see him.