Orange County, CA | Breast Redo Patient: Saline With Silicone | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

A recent breast augmentation redo patient breaks her surgery down into details explaining how she replaced the saline with silicon.


Speaker 1: Hello. I am a patient of Dr. Corbin and a very happy patient. I actually had my breasts done previously and was unhappy with the placement. I guess they're more too far close in the center. So, he really made it look natural. It could also be because before, I had saline, and now I have silicone, which is 10 times better. Silicone makes you feel like you have real boobs. I feel like I was born with these, and I know I wasn't. The experience was great. I cannot imagine a better doctor. My first doctor, I had complications with medications. I think it's just how I am, and I get nauseous, and I get a fever. And I think that's just what happens to me. So, this happened again, but Dr. Corbin has a phone service where you can call and get in touch with them at 24 hours a day. So, if you have any problems, he's there to help. It was very comforting, and it definitely helped me feel better about the whole situation.

Speaker 1: I loved everything about it, even going into anesthesia. The staff was very supportive and very nice. I have a thing about needles, so when they're putting the IV in my arm, I freak out. It was really nice when they would talk to me and keep me occupied so I'm not looking at it. It freaks me out. I definitely will recommend Dr. Corbin. I was recommended from a girlfriend, actually two girlfriends. A girlfriend previously, and I went through my best friend's doctor, so I just never came back.

Speaker 1: But then my more recent girlfriend got hers redone through Dr. Corbin and did the silicone, and I loved how they looked, and I loved how they felt. I think that's the most thing you want out of breasts. You want them to feel complete. You want them to look good. Whether you're showing them off or not, you want them to look perfect, and mine do. My boyfriend loves them. He's not a boob man, but he says they feel more complete with silicone than they do with saline. I will definitely recommend Dr. Corbin as any surgeon for any breasts. He really is the breast expert.