Orange County, CA | Bunny Corbin the Doctor's Wife | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

Inside Edition does a special interview with Dr. Corbin's wife.


Corinne Corbin: (singing)

Corinne Corbin: My husband's a consummate professional and I trust him totally.

Speaker 2: You see, her husband is a plastic surgeon. He's redone her breasts and her nose. Corinne Corbin met her future husband, Dr. Frederic Corbin, when she came to him as a patient with a medical problem.

Corinne Corbin: I'd had my breasts done and I was unhappy with the result of one of the breasts. It was asymmetrical.

Speaker 2: Dr. Corbin redid her breast and later they were married. After she went to work in his office, her husband diplomatically recommended another surgery.

Corinne Corbin: He said, "I don't want people to think I did your nose." He said, "Because it looks very done and aesthetically it's very unattractive."

Speaker 2: Her nose had been done before they met and she admits she wasn't happy with it. So her husband fixed that, too, making that the second plastic surgery he'd done on her.

Speaker 2: What makes all these women happy is their easy access to regular nonsurgical beauty maintenance.

Corinne Corbin: Hey, I've got Botox and collagen in my fridge right now.

Speaker 2: Corinne uses both. (singing)

Dr. Frederic Corbin: The main reason for going down there is, as with all the trips, just providing health to people who are in such dire need of our services.

Speaker 4: If the hat fits.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Poverty looks the same throughout the world. Only, as I put it, the letters on signs as you drive down the road are different, but the shanties and the lack of refrigeration, with the produce hanging up with flies around it, are the same everywhere.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Because it was a Spanish speaking country, I brought two of my employees who are fluent in Spanish, one a nurse, the other a scrub tech. So they were extremely useful, both not only providing assistance to me, but to the other doctors and people there.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: A very good trip. It's very good for my staff and my wife as well. The main reason for going down there is to do cleft lip and palate repairs and, of course, we did a lot of those. But you see a lot of post-traumatic, post-burn injuries that would benefit from skin grafting or flap rotation.

Speaker 4: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Speaker 5: Your wife is working with me, thank God.

Speaker 4: Hola. So what happened to this young boy?

Speaker 5: His brother set the mattress on fire with playing with matches. And seven years ago, we did one of the first surgeries.

Speaker 4: Oh

Dr. Frederic Corbin: This is the center of the lip. That's this. The repair that I will do will turn this under and use it as mucosa. And then you're going to get this to come out of there and that's the hard part.

Speaker 6: Yeah.

Speaker 4: And this is for plastics and that would be Dr. Corbin.

Speaker 4: Hey, Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: We're off to recovery.

Speaker 4: Aw, big baby.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: There's the family.

Speaker 4: Ah, still here.

Speaker 4: Bye.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Seven long years.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: This little flap.

Speaker 4: Into recovery.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: One of the reasons I became a plastic surgeon is-

Dr. Frederic Corbin: ... to help improve the self-esteem of individuals. This is a way that I can improve my own self-esteem, by feeling good about what I'm doing. You know the great feeling of having a mother whose child was born with a cleft lip and palate whom I repaired. I would see the joy in her eyes. It's almost as if she's looking at her child for the first time.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: (singing)