COVID-19 Message

As of today, with the current COVID-19 announcements and restrictions in place, Dr. Corbin and the nurses are continuing to see patients in the office; and we are continuing to take the necessary precautions for the safety of our patients.Any patient that feels ill is advised to stay home. If you are a post-op patient less than a month out from surgery, and you feel you are having complications, please call us immediately and we will make arrangements to see you in the office or consult with you by phone or virtually. If you are a post-op patient who is a month or more out from your surgery date and you are doing well, we are happy to reschedule your appointment if you so desire. We can also schedule a phone or a virtual appointment if you have questions for Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Corbin is continuing to see consultations in the office, but if you have a consult that falls within the next two weeks and would prefer a virtual consultation, that can be arranged. While Dr. Corbin feels very good about the measures he and the staff are taking to safeguard against COVID-19, our first priority is your comfort level.As for surgery patients scheduled in the next two weeks, the surgery center is currently open and fully operational. There is no more sterile environment than the outpatient OR setting. We would advise our Fly-In patients, however, to postpone surgery for two weeks due to the increased risks associated with air travel right now.Lastly, we would like to advise against fear and panic. Let’s be mindful that we are all in this together. Cooperation and generosity of spirit can solve any problem. This situation is very manageable, and you have a lot of control if you follow some very simple guidelines:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Wipe down surfaces, including your car.
  • Do not touch your hands to your face.
  • Do not cough into your hands; cough into your elbow.
  • Stay out of large crowds.
  • Practice responsible social distancing.

Beauty to Look Forward To

Let’s face it, after the COVID-19 crisis is over and we have been in social isolation with our nearest and dearest for several weeks, we are all going to need a beauty boost! In order to help with our clients’ financial and emotional well-being at this challenging time, we want to make a special offer:

If you schedule a surgical procedure by April 30, 2020, you will receive 10% off the price! And even better, you’ll be getting something happy and beautiful to look forward to once this crisis is over! (This discount does not apply to injectables or other non-surgical procedures.)