Orange County, CA | Plastic Surgery Before/After Facelift & Tummy Tuck | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

This video follows the reformation of a woman through getting a face lift and a tummy tuck with Dr. Corbin and his team.


Announcer: Plastic surgery is transformation. Whether cosmetic or reconstructive, doctors are changing lives. Real stories, groundbreaking procedures, ultimate makeovers. This is Plastic Surgery, Before and After.

Jan Adams: Hi, I'm Jan Adams, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, California. The first step when considering plastic surgery might even be the most difficult. And that's selecting the right surgeon.

Announcer: Meet an older woman who uses cosmetic surgery to fend off the competition for her younger man.

Tina: I feel by getting the plastic surgery, it's going to help me hold on to Dave. Because that's a fear I have with him.

Announcer: Tina is not your typical 60 year old senior citizen. What sets her apart is not her successful business-

Tina: I own a property management company

Announcer: ... or her active lifestyle. What makes Tina unique is her relationship with a man 20 years her junior.

Tina: I like to say 19, because we have a couple months, then he catches up.

Dave: I don't feel 20 years apart. She's young at heart, very energetic for being 60. She's like a 20 year old.

Tina: We work together, as well as we golf together. We play cards... Ah, guess what?

Announcer: For the past seven years, Tina and Dave's romance has continued to blossom.

Tina: Who would guess that two people with 20 years difference can actually grow together. But in a relationship, if age doesn't matter, you grow.

Dave: She's a great person. She's beautiful. Tina is beautiful. We love each other. That's the most important thing.

Announcer: The only snag in their relationship involves Tina and her concerns about aging. She fears her facial wrinkles and love handles could cause her to lose her boyfriend to a younger woman.

Tina: I've had a problem with the way I feel when we go out certain places. Every now and then, we get somebody that may think I'm David's mom, or they think he's my brother.

Dave: I'm not bothered by the age difference. She is. She's always thinking that I'm going to go find someone younger, and I'm thinking younger, and I'm not.

Tina: Because I do see people look at him, and I do see him look at other people, and it does; it hurts. It bothers me. And I know it's an age difference. And it's just a matter of time when that other younger person's going to come, and take Dave from me. And I fear that.

Tina: No attitude...

Announcer: Tina hopes that a facelift and tummy tuck will be a boost to her self confidence.

Dave: Wow! If you look like that, you're going to have to stay home.

Tina: It's not that I want to be back 20. I can't do that. I want plastic surgery to feel better about myself, and to feel better about going places with Dave.

Announcer: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Frederick Corbin, examines Tina for her upcoming operation.

Dr. Corbin: Good morning, Tina.

Announcer: Good morning, Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Corbin: What is interesting, formerly I'd see a lot of older men with younger women. Now, I'm seeing more older women with younger men.

Dr. Corbin: Let me get a little look here. But I'm looking at it. I want to see whether you have any extra fat. I, also, am checking to see how much extra skin you have, and I can see you got a bunch of little, extra skin. Clearly, you'd benefit from this being brought up, and take away some of the skin on your upper lids.

Dr. Corbin: And then, the other thing the facelift would help, is remove some of this extra skin, which you have here. You can bring that up like that, and that up like that. Let me take a quick look at your abdomen now, to see what's going on.

Dr. Corbin: Oh yeah, you clearly have a lot of extra skin here, and that would benefit from being removed. And then you'll have, literally, an incision that runs from hip to hip because in order to get all this off, that's what it's going to require, as well as one around your belly button.

Tina: Am I going to have a normal belly button again?

Dr. Corbin: Oh, you'll have a normal belly button because the skin's going to be flat against your abdomen.

Jan Adams: When it comes to the stomach sagging, most people don't realize that it has little to do with loose muscles, but rather it's the fascia layer that's the problem. The fascia is a layer beneath the skin made up of thick fibrous tissue, which surrounds the muscle. Bottom line, the only way to lift it, is to snip it.

Dr. Corbin:
Probably, also benefit from coming back in the future, and having me do some liposuction. Unless of course you go on a-

Tina: Exercise?

Dr. Corbin: Exercise and diet and lose the weight on your own. Okay?

Announcer: Tina ends her consult with a decision to have liposuction to her neck and chin, a lift to her face and eyes, as well as a tummy tuck.

Speaker 6: Cheers. Good luck with your recovery.

Tina: Thank you. Thank you.

Dave: It's good for her. She is a good looking woman already, and... Yeah, I'm scared. She might end up leaving me.

Announcer: After a good night's sleep, Tina returns with Dave for her surgery.

Dr. Corbin: ... marking where I'm going to make an incision behind the ear.

Announcer: She chooses to have both her facial and abdominal procedure in one operation.

Speaker 7: Are you nervous?

Announcer: Yes.

Speaker 7: You'll be fine.

Tina: It's somewhat of a shock doing it all at one time, but like you said, going under anesthesia twice, and having to go through this whole routine again. I'm here, you got to do it.

Dave: Goodbye.

Tina: Bye. Hey, it's not bye, I'll see you in a little while.

Dave: I'll see you in a couple minutes.

Tina: A new me.

Announcer: Dr. Corbin plans to address Tina's stomach first, because the face requires complex, multiple procedures.

Dr. Corbin: I have a view of abdominoplasty is a difficult and more busywork, time-consuming. Like the facelift, you have to worry about nerves and vessels and veins. Here, it's pretty straightforward.

Announcer: He begins by removing the belly button, and making a horizontal incision from hip to hip.

Dr. Corbin: The toughest part comes at the end, when you trim the skin. You make sure you trim everything evenly.

Announcer: He removes three and a half pounds of tissue, sutures her skin up tight, and attaches her belly button to its new location.

Dr. Corbin: She's doing very nicely, and we can quickly close the skin, and move on to bigger and better things.

Announcer: Tina's facial procedure comes next. Dr. Corbin starts with chin and neck liposuction.

Dr. Corbin: That's from taking out the fat, see?

Announcer: After tightening her chin and neck, he begins the facelift. He uses a scalpel to create incisions in the hairline.

Dr. Corbin: I have elevated the skin of the face in front of the ear for about an inch to two inches. And now watch, when you pull on it, everything moves up.

Announcer: Tina's surgery concludes with an upper and lower eye lift.

Dr. Corbin: The surgery went great. Well, she's going to have some pain in her abdomen, and she'll be a little swollen for awhile. But I think overall, when she sees the way she looks, she's going to be very pleased.

Announcer: Next, find out if Tina's transformation closes the age gap.

Tina: If I can get myself in better shape and look better, it's going to last longer.

Announcer: And, a young man, with a facial discoloration problem, meets a good Samaritan with a perfect solution.

Announcer: For Tina Wrincon, the 20 year age difference between her and her boyfriend, Dave, caused her self esteem to hit rock bottom.

Tina: It's just being insecure within myself about my age. That's a problem.

Announcer: Two months after a facelift and tummy tuck, she has the drive and confidence that she was looking for.

Tina: I used to wear these to the beach. I would totally wrap this around me to hide my body, because I was very embarrassed to be with Dave. And this is the results, and I am ecstatic. I am totally, totally happy.

Tina: Before, when I would do this, it would bother me terribly because the midriff here, would hang right over all through here. And now look, I do not have that problem anymore. I am definitely happy with my face. My eyes seem to be a lot more open. They don't have the tired look anymore, and especially, right in through here, the so-called turkey neck, as they call it, ceased to exist anymore. And it's just great.

Dave: Cheers.

Tina: Cheers.

Tina: Now, I'm not afraid to go out. I will always know that he'll look at other women, but now, I think the tables have turned a little bit. Now, I think Dave is watching me, where I'm going, and who's looking at me, where he didn't do that before.

Dave: She wants to buy clothes now, and look better. And she wants to dress like a teenager.

Tina: Not quite.

Dave: Let's do it.

Tina: A lot of people take us as just being a couple. They have no idea about the age factor. The difference between us. When age does come up, and I tell them, they look at me and like, "What?" And I'm just bubbling out there, and I'm very proud.