Orange County, CA | Guatemala a Surgeon's Charitable Journey | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

Dr. Corbin embarks on a journey of doing charitable work for those who can not afford his services otherwise.


Mayor: People to people. This is not governments to governments. This is not institutional programs that are decided somewhere else. This is people that see the needs of other people and identify with those people, and work together to solve their problems.

Speaker 2: Thank you for making our country what it is.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: The main reason for going down there is, as with all the trips, just providing help to people who are in such dire need of our services.

Corinne Corbin: If the hat fits.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Poverty looks the same throughout the world, only, as I put it, the letters on the signs as you drive down the road are different. But the shanties and the lack of refrigeration, with the produce hanging up with flies around it, are the same everywhere.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Because it was a Spanish speaking country. I brought two of my employees who are fluent in Spanish. One, a nurse, the other, a scrub tech. So they were extremely useful, well, not only providing assistance to me, but to the other doctors and people there.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Very good trip. It's very good for my staff and my wife as well. Main reason for going down there is to do cleft lip and palate repairs. And of course we did a lot of those, but you see a lot of post-traumatic, post-burn injuries that would benefit from skin grafting or flap rotation.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Here we are in a Third World country, on an old military base surrounded by a fence. Outside the fence, there are guards. It's much like we were in a prison and the patients were outside the fence and were led in for surgeries. The guards and the fence were there for our protection, while we were providing charitable services.

Corinne Corbin: This is where we're working today and all week until Friday. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Speaker 5: Your wife is working with me, thank god.

Corinne Corbin: Hola. So what happened to this young boy?

Speaker 5:
His brother set the mattress on fire playing with matches and... Seven years ago, we did one of the first surgeries.

Corinne Corbin: Okay.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Buildings that are not truly hospitals that we convert into operating rooms and recovery rooms et cetera. There are literally hundreds of people who are desiring of care, and what we do is we triage the patients. Some of them have problems that are so major, that it would require more in the way of backup and facilities that are present. And so even though we would like to provide services to those patients, we can't. And in some instances, try to arrange for them to come to the United States.

Corinne Corbin: She doesn't read English, speak English.

Speaker 6: (Foreign Language)

Dr. Frederic Corbin: And then there's a group of patients who based upon age and health, et cetera, who then fall into a category of procedures we can do, and then it's arranging operative time.

Speaker 9: (Foreign Language)

Dr. Frederic Corbin: This is the center of the lip. That's this. The repair that I will do will turn this under and use it as mucosa. And then you've got to get this to come up there. That's the hard part.

Speaker 6: Yeah.

Corinne Corbin: And this is for plastics and that would be Dr. Corbin. Hey, Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: We're off to recovery.

Corinne Corbin: Ah, big baby.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: There's the family.

Corinne Corbin: Ah, still here.

Speaker 7: (Foriegn Language)

Corinne Corbin: Bye.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: Seven millimeters.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: This little flap, I will cut.

Corinne Corbin: This is the mother.

Speaker 8: This is on this?

Corinne Corbin: Into recovery.

Speaker 10: (Foriegn Language)

Dr. Frederic Corbin: One of the reasons I became a plastic surgeon is to help improve the self esteem of individuals. Now, this is a way that I can improve my own self-esteem by feeling good about what I'm doing.

Dr. Frederic Corbin: You know the great feeling of having a mother whose child was born with a cleft lip and palette in my repair. See the joy in her eyes, it's almost as if she's looking at her child for the first time.