Orange County, CA | Gynecomastia Surgery | Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery

This video depicts Dr. Corbin performing a Gynecomastia procedure to take off upper chest access.


Speaker 1: The actor who's perfect body has just one flax.

Aaron: That's breast, solid breast, see.

Aaron: I'm an actor and I've been pursuing my career for the past eight years. When I first started, it was a lot of type casting, bouncers, security guard, all those big guy type of roles. The procedure we're having done this for a condition called gynecomastia. I'm getting it removed. It's painful, nobody tweaks the nipples.

Aaron: Do I feel embarrassed? Rarely have I ever gotten embarrassed because of the situation. It will be nice to not have that lump there. It'll just be out of my mind. I won't have to worry about camouflaging it. If I was to buy this shirt, it's going to expose this problem area a little bit more. So we don't do gray.

Aaron: I usually keep the rest of my body to the point where it supersedes anything else that could be negative, but you got to work a little harder to cover up the flaws. Still, there are times where you can still see it. Even though, I keep a nice physique, it's still there.

Aaron: Living in Los Angeles, looks are very important. I feel great. I'm in great shape. Despite the gynecomastia. I think a lot of women find it sexy to see a guy in my size who can move, who can dance. Am I going to be a big movie star? I hope so.

Aaron: Acting is definitely worth the struggle and the hustle that I have to go through. It's just, when it comes to scenes with my shirt off, it'll be nice to not have that lump there.

Dr. Corbin: You can clearly delineate what is the breast from what is your natural tissues. This is what we're going to be removing. Some of us develop breast tissue. And in the majority of those people, it goes away. In your case, obviously it didn't.

Aaron: Can I do this procedure and still be awake?

Dr. Corbin: Yes.

Aaron: Is there any way I can see the tissue when you cut it out, I can see it just to see it. And if you could just hold it up, see, there you go.

Aaron: This is like a bad night of partying.

Speaker 1: The actor, he could be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, if only he didn't have breasts.

Aaron: Tomorrow's my surgery. Tomorrow is my surgery. I've been told by the doctor two weeks for recovery. I can't even audition or anything. Well, I probably could audition if it was for someone like Oliver Stone, well not Oliver Stone, someone, that this huge, huge park and it was this screen test, yeah, I'd make it habit. So yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited to be cut open and have this removed. Hopefully I can be awake during the surgery, so I can actually scene what they're taking out. I want to see it, and I want to hold it and look at me, and say, get out of my body it's time for you to leave.

Aaron: I don't want to go in. Nah, let's go in, let's go do it. Come on.

Dr. Corbin: You ready to go? Here I need to put the marks on you guy.

Aaron: Now, did you come to a conclusion as to whether I'll be going fully asleep or just almost there?

Dr. Corbin: Just take a nice deep breath, okay.

Aaron: You're the pro, do what's best for me. I would like to be somewhat there.

Dr. Corbin: Cameron, you will be there. That's for sure.

Aaron: Yeah. I would like to be-

Dr. Corbin: There's no question-

Aaron: ... a little in the mix.

Dr. Corbin: In the mix.

Aaron: Yeah.

Dr. Corbin: In the mix. You're in the mix, all right, my man. He's now totally asleep, and under my control. You can literally see the breasts tissue popping right up. I'm separating the breast from the subcutaneous tissue. Let's see if we can get this thing out. Boom.

Dr. Corbin: I don't really view this as a cosmetic procedure because a man doesn't have breasts. Women do. You go to the gym, you workout shower, and then you become teased. There are sort of slang expressions used to describe this person's defect.

Speaker 4: Bitch tits, bitch tits, bitch tits. So you can imagine how that would offend someone. To the young guys growing up to have titties.

Dr. Corbin: That's very offensive, very offensive.

Aaron: This is like a bad night of partying. So was I completely out the whole time, huh?

Dr. Corbin: You were out the whole time.

Aaron: I guess that worked out then.

Dr. Corbin: You want to see the tissue, now?

Aaron: I'd love to see the tissue. That's amazing. So what drug was that you guys have me. I got to take some home.

Aaron: It feels like someone is slowly ripping my nipples off.

Speaker 1: The actor. Will he finally have a perfect superhero body?

Aaron: The healing was pretty quick. I was surprised. Full sensations back. Full nipple sensation back.

Aaron: They got to start making this stuff heavier.

Speaker 5: He used to look like a chick, his nipples hung over like Pamela Anderson.

Aaron: He wanted me to be a chick so bad, but I wouldn't want to wait for him.

Speaker 5: I thought he had to shave his butt.

Aaron: A couple of very good friends of mine, they're like, Oh man, before you needed a D cup size bra, dah, dah, dah. But I look at it as a compliment, because half as that is muscle anyway. So hey, I'm very happy.

Aaron: So today we're here to celebrate with my final photo shoot. Most people would probably think I have a perfect body right now. Right now, I'm pretty hot. It's pretty hot. When I flex this way, there's no hang. I do a side chest pose. You just see chest. It's all chest. The chest is perfected. Right now, I have a nice superhero body. These pictures are going to be rocking and rolling. This is going to be different than my typical headshot. Some of them I'm going to do in the G. Yeah, I'll do some of it in the G. You should never blend in with the rest of the pack. That's just me.