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About Arm Lift Surgery

One big challenge that comes with aging or weight loss is the development of loose skin. At Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery, we offer arm lift surgery (or brachioplasty) as an intervention for patients who cannot seem to tighten and tone their arms with diet and exercise. Loose skin from the elbow to the upper arm is very common, particularly for people who have lost weight or are advancing in age. An arm lift removes this unwanted skin, commonly known as "bat wings." Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin is highly skilled in fat removal and skin-tightening procedures. If you want to learn more information about how brachioplasty can correct the physique of your arms, please call and schedule a consultation at Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery in Brea, CA or Beverly Hills, CA.

Who Needs Arm Lift Surgery?

An upper arm lift is a plastic surgery that uses innovative methods to reduce unwanted skin and to contour the shape of an arm. If you're tired of hiding your "bat wings" and want them to appear taut and trim again, then you may be a great candidate for arm lift surgery. You should be in good overall health so that your skin will recover well. Some of the top signs you may be an arm lift candidate are excess, loose skin on your upper arms, plus lost tautness of your skin. It's important to ensure that you are at or near your ideal weight before your surgery.

How We Perform An Arm Lift

Most likely, your arm lift surgery will be performed in an outpatient setting, unless multiple plastic surgeries are scheduled to be performed at the same time. An arm lift may be done alongside other surgeries (often performed at a facility with inpatient monitoring), including tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, and thigh lifts — if Dr. Corbin considers it safe. An arm lift is usually done under general anesthesia and can require a few hours to complete. The excess skin will be surgically excised starting at the elbow up to the underarm. The incision will be placed to be as hidden as possible, but it will leave a visible scar. If liposuction is needed to remove stubborn pockets of fat, this can be completed also. After the skin is pulled taut, it will be sutured in place. You'll have to care for the incisions by keeping them clean, bandaged, and supported with compression garments following surgery.

Your Recovery Period

A typical recovery period lasts about two weeks with lots of arm elevation and rest. Give yourself time to heal. You use your arms for almost everything, so most patients should ease their way back into their daily activities. A suture removal appointment will be scheduled for about ten days after surgery. Compression garments should be kept on until you're released by Dr. Corbin. For at least 4 – 5 weeks, you should avoid all exercise except short walks. If you observe uncontrolled bleeding, excessive swelling, fluid buildup (hematoma), infection, numbness in your arms or hands, or heavy scarring, please contact Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery for assistance.

Get Back Your Shape

If you're at a healthy weight but still can't get rid of the skin and flab that hang off your upper arms, Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery can help. Please contact us to schedule your private consultation for arm lift surgery with Dr. Corbin. Our office accepts several payment methods, and we can also help you find low-interest financing. We look forward to helping you look and feel younger and fitter with this innovative cosmetic procedure.

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