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About Cheek & Chin Augmentation

Hollow cheeks or a recessed chin can cause a lack of facial definition, which may make you appear significantly older than you are. At Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederic Corbin performs surgical cheek and chin augmentation to improve contour and add balance to the face. This cosmetic surgery is done by surgically placing silicone implants in the cheeks or the chin to improve the structure of the face. At your initial consultation, Dr. Corbin can discuss both options and decide which would better fit your aesthetic concerns or if you'd benefit from a combination of both. Contact our Brea or Beverly Hills, CA office to schedule a consultation and find out how cheek or chin augmentation can help you reclaim a younger-looking appearance.

Candidates for Cheek or Chin Implants

The best candidates for cheek or chin augmentation are adults who:

  • Desire fuller cheeks or a more defined chin
  • Have lost facial volume with age
  • Want to add balance and definition to their facial structure
  • Have genetically hollow or flat cheeks or a small chin
  • Have lost a lot of weight, leading to deflated cheeks
  • Have facial asymmetry from a congenital defect, health condition, or trauma
  • Are in good general health

Cheek & Chin Enhancement Surgical Technique

Prior to your cheek or chin augmentation, Dr. Corbin will perform a thorough examination to decide on a personalized treatment plan that is best for your unique cosmetic goals. Surgical cheek and chin enhancements are performed as outpatient procedures at an accredited facility because patients are typically sedated with general anesthesia.

For cheek implant surgery, thin incisions are created inside the in the gums so a pocket can be made above the cheekbone. Next, the implants will be securely placed and the incisions will be stitched closed. For chin augmentation, an incision is carefully made under your chin. Through this incision, a groove or pocket is created to secure the implant in its proper place, which involves shaving some of the tissue, cartilage, and bone to make grooves to securely hold your implant in position. Tiny sutures are used to connect and close the incisions. 

What to Expect with Cheek and Chin Implants

With surgical cheek or chin augmentation, you should expect to experience tightness, swelling, and bruising for about 1 – 2 weeks following your surgery. Vigorous activity that may put strain on your facial muscles (like weight lifting) should be skipped for at least 7 – 10 days. Full healing typically takes around two months, at which point you should notice your more refined, proportionate facial structure. Outcomes typically last a long time.

Get Full, Beautiful Cheeks

Were you born with flat, hollow cheeks or a small jawline? Or maybe your mid-face has lost its youthful volume with age or after significant weight loss? Contact Dr. Corbin Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Corbin and learn about your best option to build natural-looking volume in your cheeks or chin. Whether you decide on cheek or chin implants, you can rejuvenate your overall appearance with cosmetic facial surgery at our Brea or Beverly Hills, CA or Beverly Hills, CA locations.

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